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Manufacturers of Environmentally Friendly Oral Hygiene and Wound Care Products

Healthy Mouth. Happy Life.

New Age Manufacturing manufactures and distributes a line of Environmentally Friendly Oral Hygiene and Wound Care Products. All Products are the exclusive formulations of Prevention Laboratories, a Raleigh, Illinois based research lab. All Products are made in the USA.

Balanced Oral Hygiene

Prevention Laboratories Precisely Formulates Four Types of Prevention Mouth Rinses

Prevention Mouth Rinses help to balance the mouth; soothing swollen gums, and helping to eliminate cold sores & thrush. Prevention Mouth Rinses are bacterially selective; meaning the disease causing bacteria are killed; and the good, helpful bacteria remain. Our products contain little or no alcohol so you won't feel the "burn" associated with mainstream mouthwashes & oral rinses.


New Age Manufacturing's Environmentally Friendly Product Line Includes:

Prevention Antibacterial No Alcohol Mouth Rinse

Manages plaque and gingivitis. Eliminates bacteria, Zinc/Hydrogen Peroxide formula that’s alcohol free.  Safe for all ages.

Prevention Oncology Formula

 New Age Mfg. is the only manufacturer of a mouth rinse especially formulated for Oncology patients available over-the-counter. The mellow flavor tastes great and prevents burning and irritation caused by radiation and chemotherapy.

Prevention Periodontal Mouth Rinse A+B Formula

Our strongest formula created especially for periodontal patients. Long lasting zinc/hydrogen peroxide formula that eliminates problem germs. 

Prevention Everyday Mouth Rinse 

Manages plaque and gingivitis, eliminates the bad germs. Zinc/Hydrogen Peroxide formulation contains 1/5% alcohol. Safe for all ages.

Environmentally Friendly Ingredients

The Prevention formula contains active ingredients designed to reduce inflammation, manage plaque buildup, control microorganisms, diminish mouth sores, and soothe gum tissue:

 Zinc Chloride (ZnCl) - controls plaque and cavities. ZnCl binds to bacteria and prevents adherence to tooth surfaces.

 Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) - surfactant. SLS magnifies anti-plaque  properties of Zinc Chloride three-fold.

 Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2- disinfectant. H2O2 controls microorganisms associated with dental disease.

 Sodium Citrate - astringent. Sodium citrate manages tissue inflammation, helps to heal mouth sores, and reduces dental sensitivity.

 Glycerin-humectant. Glycerin moisturizes and reduces skin irritation to control abrasions or lesions in the mouth.

Prevention Laboratories exclusively formulates our unique blend of environmentally friendly ingredients to  to promote healthy teeth and gums and reduce the etiological factors of dental disease.

Prevention Burn & Wound Sprays

Prevention Burn & Wound Sprays provide instant relief for burns and abrasions while protecting you against bacteria and fungi that delay healing. Our unique formula controls pathogens and
promotes the natural healing process for minor burns, cuts, and scrapes. The complex combination of ions and antioxidants works to control infection, reduce healing time, and minimize scarring.

Sun Cool After Sun Spray  provides instant relief from sunburns and tanning beds. Our cooling formula reduces inflammation and protects against infection while promoting the body’s natural healing process. Our unique combination ions and antioxidants work to reduce scarring and recover from sunburns.

Prevention Insect Bite Relief is designed to help with bug bites including mosquitoes, wasps, and chiggers.

Our unique formula contains natural anti-histamines that reduce the body’s inflammatory response and minimize the formation of itchy bites. Antimicrobials protect against infection and antioxidants promote the body’s natural healing process.



  • Helps relieve discomfort from burning, scalding, chemicals, hot foods, drinks, road rash, cuts and scrapes
  • Used by hospitals and fire departments
  • Helps reduce scarring
  • No bandage needed
  • Use as often as desired
  • Safe for all ages!
  • No prescription necessary

Rebecca - 07/25/2014

"I have lymphedema and get constant blisters and sores. I have very sensitive skin and am allergic to most everything. This is the best thing I have found that helps. It cools the burning, soothes the stinging and washes out the sores nicely helping them to heal."

Prevention Oncology Formula

PREVENTION™ is the only manufacturer of a mouth rinse especially formulated for oncology patients! 

Prevention Oncology Mouth Rinse soothes oral tissue and helps control sore gums, ulcers, and thrush.

Soothing Glycerin & Menthol Formulation.

Tastes Great!

 Alcohol Free and Low Alcohol Formulas
 Over The Counter
Third Generation Antimicrobial
 Active for 8+ Hours
 Controls Oral Pathogens
 Tough on Thrush
 Manages Plaque
 Safe for Long Term Use
 Freshens Breath
 Great Taste
 No Dyes
 Free of Petroleum Products
 Vegan and Gluten Free

"If you've ever had mouth sores as a result of chemotherapy, you know how painful it is. Salt water rinses did not seem to help. My Infusion Therapist suggested Prevention Oncology Mouth Rinse and it has made a world of difference. The sores were gone in a couple of days. I absolutely recommend Prevention for cancer patients in treatment. It is absolutely the best."  

KEN M  11/6/2012

"I used to get tonsillitis and your Antibacterial Mouth RInse would actually help heal my throat. Any time I start to get sick I use it prevent  strep too!"

AMANDA P - 10/01/2012

"I first got this product at a dental show I attended while in Dental Assisting School and fell in love with it. This rinse has helped my gums significantly, my numbers have gone down when getting probed by my dental hygienist. I love this product so much..."

Carswell - 05/31/2012

"We have horrible green flies here on Assawoman Bay, near Ocean City, MD. The bites are bad and the reaction is immediate with painful swelling and itching. One spray with the  Prevention Insect Bite Relief provides immediate relief from the itching and swelling."

CHRIS - 07/24/2012